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An Opportunity for Real Change:  Three Steps You Can Take Now1

by Dr. Art Murray and Jeff Lesher

Today’s economic climate – however distressing – has confirmed that traditional business models are unsustainable and no longer work.  They don’t work because they're too slow and impede the flow of knowledge – the exact opposite of what is needed to succeed in a turbulent, high-risk economy.

In the Enterprise of the Future, we are forming new business models that allow organizations to learn and innovate at a rate equal to or faster than the speed of change in the market.  It’s like having Jedi reflexes when everyone else is still trying to figure out what’s going on.

While there is very little we can do about the global situation as a whole, we can use it as an opportunity to pause and reflect on how our own organizations operate.  Now is the time to introduce some serious changes and reboot, not merely engage in frantic activity. 

Outlined below are three specific transformations we’ve studied, implemented, and recommend for you to get started.  There are many more transformations and much more work needed to sustain your success.  However, these initial steps will allow you to introduce new ways of doing business that will help propel you forward.  We’ve laid them out in a sequence that works well for many organizations, but we don’t prescribe one “right” way.

Whichever one you pick, roll it out and hammer it home.  Don't stop until the transformation is complete.  Then pick another and repeat.  Resist all temptation (including the usual Luddite rebellions) to revert back to the safety and comfort of the old ways.  It should be obvious by now there is no safety in repeating past mistakes and even less comfort in the inevitable failure of doing the same things and expecting different results.  When the economy recovers – and recover it will – you will be well-positioned to move ahead of the pack if you invest the effort now in adapting your organization to the future that's already upon us.

Transformation #1 Make the move from hierarchies to networks once and for all

Transformation #2 Make the cultural shift from silos and knowledge hoarding to openness and knowledge sharing

Transformation #3 Shift your performance focus from profits to value creation


1Portions of this article were taken from various editions of KMWorld’s monthly feature:  The Future of the Future



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