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The seven warning signs of corporate memory loss

Turning knowledge loss into rapid learning and growth

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Critical human capital problems your organization is likely facing:

An aging workforce with large numbers of pending departures or retirements

  • scrambling to fill positions and quickly bring replacements "up to speed"
  • serious consequences from sudden, unexpected loss of critical knowledge

Too many missed deadlines and lost opportunities

  • having only one "go to person" in a critical area 

Not meeting performance targets

  • conflicting priorities
  • tight budgets
  • staff stretched "too thin"

Serious risk of noncompliance with a growing list of regulations

  • not being able to keep track of "who knows what"
  • "we didn't know that" can't be used as an excuse to avoid serious fines, penalties and damaged reputation

Too much time, money and resources wasted from repeating mistakes and “re-inventing the wheel”

  • no systematic, repeatable process for capturing, sharing and applying lessons learned and best practices
  • the lessons learned, knowledge management systems you've put in place aren't working 
  • strong cultural resistance to knowledge sharing

How we work with you and your team: Three essential steps to take...

Know what you know (capture):

Find, capture and organize critical knowledge that's deeply embedded in data, documents, and people


Grow what you know (share):

Make the transformation from a knowledge-hoarding culture to a vibrant enterprise where knowledge is collaboratively developed and freely shared


Make the most of what you know (apply):

Keep pace with and even exceed the rapid changes in your market by creating a culture of fast innovation and learning






For over two decades, Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc. has been helping organizations of all sizes, public, private and non-profit, achieve higher levels of performance by capturing, sharing and applying their critical knowledge.  By critical we mean highly specialized knowledge that’s essential to your organization’s success and is at risk of being lost or compromised.

We work with your executive team and the key experts in your organization.  We identify and capture their critical knowledge so others can learn what they do, how and why they do it, and ultimately improve upon it. 

Getting to this level requires a firm commitment of time, effort and investment.  But the payoff is huge.

By systematically knowing what you know (and what you don’t know), sharing what you know, and making the most of what you know, you’ll begin to experience:

  • Faster and better decisions
  • Fewer bottlenecks and single points-of-failure
  • Improved ability to respond to “pop-up” problems and opportunities
  • Improved ability to attract and retain talent.

All of which means increased organizational performance and competitiveness.

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Here are two easy ways to help you get started:

Join our community of like-minded knowledge seekers

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You can also keep up with the latest developments in the field of knowledge management by reading our regular series in KMWorld Magazine entitled: “The Future of the Future”

At the very least, take a close look at how you capture, share and apply your critical knowledge.  Then start thinking of ways to turn that knowledge into a valuable resource for rapid learning and growth.  Those two steps alone will put you on track toward making the most of your intellectual capital.





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