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The following articles are from our series published in KMWorld: The Future of the Future


Global knowledge economy

What not to worry about

The future of money

Workforce of the future update

Four global shifts to keep in mind

A Look At the Coming Decade: Opportunities and Challenges

What Life Will Be Like, Starting Today

Enough Information Already - Bring On the Explanation Age

Getting Serious About Economic Resilience

The rise of the pop-up city

Being Smart About Smart Cities

Putting the Smarts Into Smart Cities

Knowledge Cities Rise From the Desert Sands

Boundary-less Living, Working and Learning

A Billion-Mind Economy


Enterprise transformation

Building the high-trust enterprise

A framework for change

Assessing and mitigating risk

The world of intangible asset valuation

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution

An Opportunity For Real Change (Part I)

An Opportunity For Real Change (Part II)

Overcoming Resistance to Change

The Virtual Workplace Is a "Must," Not a "Should"

Making the Leap from the Desktop to Virtual Space

Are You Ready For the Coming Knowledge Cloud?

Enterprise of the Future Update: Report from the Trenches

Report From the Trenches: Progress and Challenges

Core Values Steady the Course in a Volatile World

Breaking Free of the Technology Trap


Technology and innovation

The hidden world of deep semantics

Big opportunities in small data

The coming leap in human intelligence

Bringing together innovation, learning and people

All aboard the blockchain express

Creating the future through disruptive innovation

From the real to the virtual and back

Knowledge sharing

The high cost of not sharing

Welcome to curation 2.0

Envisioning the deep learning enterprise

Unclogging the Knowledge Pipeline

Breaking the Lessons-Learned Barrier

Building the Enterprise of the Future Means No More Secrets

The Rise of the Knowledge Librarian

The Continuing Saga of the Knowledge Librarian



Building the University of the Future Today



The future of law enforcement 

Government as a Knowledge Enterprise


Health Care


Food and Agriculture



No more excuses!

Global Knowledge Entrepreneurship in Action

Incubating the Next-Generation Enterprise

Goodbye, Knowledge Worker... Hello, Knowledge Entrepreneur

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